About Ida Rolf:

Rolf is the last name of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. She developed the 'Ida P. Rolf Method of structural integration'. You can read more about her by searching the internet or by viewing the sites listed below.

About Paul:

Paul Sympson received his skillful touch massage training from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. and his certified structural integration training from The Guild for Structural Integration, also in Boulder, CO.

He is an art therapist and a sculptor. Paul has a M.A. in art therapy from the University of Louisville. As a graduate student he founded the Children’s Art Therapy program at the YWCA Spouse Abuse Center.

Paul’s sculptures can be seen in the WKU Library Trustees Permanent Collection, at Ky Museum of Arts and Crafts 715 West Main St. Louisville, Ky, and at the Kentucky Artisans Center, Hwy. 75, Berea, Ky. His Office is located at 317 Wallace Ave., Suite 207, in Louisville. 

Paul offers the 'Ida P. Rolf Method of structural integration'. 

Articles & Links:

  • http://www.rolfguild.org/ 'The Guild for Structural Integration.'
    Please learn more about Ida Rolf and Structural Integration. This official site has excellent information.